Virtual Reality for Cognitive Products and Production Systems

The automotive industry is in deep change due to disruptive new technologies like e.g. increased cognitive capabilities of vehicles, and increased connectivity with the environment. Also, expectations towards the design and production of innovative powertrain systems as well as related test systems and test facilities are rising. Especially, the alignment of instrumentation and test technology with innovative new powertrain technology is challenging. The goal of the research project VR4CPPS (Virtual Reality for Cognitive Products and Production Systems) is to improve development, production and operation of complex production and test systems by early integration of Virtual Reality (VR) technology. We focus on the improvement of the design quality by enhanced cross-team collaboration methods, and on improvement of production efficiency by VR-based training of technicians for new production lines. Furthermore, we focus on the reduction of after-sales efforts through the development of virtual spaces for efficient collaboration of experts and operators during operation and maintenance activities.

Main technological challenges include the efficient creation of a digital twin, the development of a distributed VR environment improving collaboration across skills and geographical locations, and methods for interactive visualization and analysis of (non-geometric) data in VR, including measurement data, metadata and process data.

The complementary VR4CPPS consortium consists of AVL as industry partner, and Fraunhofer Austria as well as the TU Graz Institute of Computer Graphics and Knowledge Visualization as scientific partners. VR4CPPS is funded by the FFG within the initiative FTI Production of the Future.

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