Video: Design Review Teaser

This is a teaser video of the features and look and feel of one of the major systems developed in the project: our collaborative design review system. It shows the main components of the system

Video: WaveCharts

Our Immersive Analytics of Anomalies in Multivariate Time Series Data with Proxy Interaction system helps in finding anomalies by visualising sensor data in a virtual environment. This video walks through an exemplary workflow and shows all parts that make up the system.

Video: Trajectory Visualisation

We have created a system for the Immersive analysis of user motion in VR applications. Here, we can see all the parts of the implemented system and how the system helps in gaining an understanding of user motion in a virtual environment.

Demo: Virtual Collaboration

In times of home office and social distancing, virtual meetings are in great demand. Within VR4CPPS we are developing new methods for meetings in virtual reality (VR). In many areas, there is a need to exchange information about three-dimensional forms and work processes that depend on them. For example, the design of a new product or the installation of a piece of machinery in a factory hall are presented in virtual reality in a very tangible way. In contrast to a classic video conference, where content is communicated via video and sound, participants of a VR conference can take a virtual tour through (or around) the object in a collaborative environment. The main focus is on the automatic generation of the virtual environment from the planning data as well as intuitive user interaction. Participants can mark interesting areas with various construction symbols and descriptions, take measurements directly on the object, or exchange information using 3D sketches. With avatars, this system can also be used for the virtual training of workflows (trainer-trainee scenarios), e.g. to train new employees virtually.

Video: Assembly with Virtual Reality Glove

Virtual reality can cover many aspects of human learning. Natural interactions with virtual reality gloves can enhance the immersion of a virtual environment. This is a short demonstration of such an interaction.

Video: Battery Assembly Prototype

This is an early prototype that shows how virtual reality can simulate assembly tasks. Trainees can experience the assembly without the need for a physical setup. They can train the steps of the assembly and prepare for human-robot interaction.

Demo: instant3dhub by Fraunhofer IGD

The webVis/instant3Dhub platform combines a novel Web-components based framework with a Visual Computing as a Service infrastructure to deliver a powerful and comprehensive solution for interactive 3D data visualization. The system adapts to a given environment by providing client, server and hybrid visualization techniques and optimizing the delivery of complex data sets, resulting in an improved user experience.